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Emergency Tree Services in Eugene

In Eugene, we love our trees. But sometimes, storms and strong winds can knock them over. This can be scary and dangerous. Here’s what to do if this happens near you.

What to Do First

  1. Stay Safe: If a tree falls, make sure everyone is okay. Keep away from broken power lines and buildings.
  2. Look Around: See if the tree is blocking a road or has fallen on something important.
  3. Call Tree Experts: It’s important to call people who know how to deal with fallen trees safely.

Why Call Tree Experts?

  • They Know What to Do: Tree experts can look at the tree and know the best way to fix the problem.
  • They Have Tools: They have special tools for cutting and moving big trees.
  • They Stay Safe: They know how to work without making things worse.

Stopping Problems Before They Start

You can stop some tree problems before they happen. Having someone look after your trees, cut them back sometimes, and take out any that are sick can keep you and your home safe.

We Can Help

At EverGreen Tree Service, we’re here to help fast if a tree falls down. We know how to handle big tree problems. We can keep you and your home safe.


When a tree falls, it’s important to be careful. Keep our phone number close by. EverGreen Tree Service in Eugene is here to help in emergencies. Stay safe and let us handle the tree problems!

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