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About Us

EverGreen Tree Service Eugene Oregon

How We Started: A Simple Dream for Better Tree Care

Evergreen Arborists began as a small dream of our founder, Louis Clark, back in 2010 in Eugene, Oregon. Louis loved trees and knew how to take care of them. He noticed that many people needed help with their trees but didn’t know who to ask. So, he decided to start his own company to help.

Louis started with just a truck and some basic tools. He went around talking to people, helping them understand what their trees needed, and offering to help. People really liked his work because he cared about their trees and used safe, nature-friendly ways to take care of them. Slowly, more and more people started asking for Louis’s help, and that’s how Evergreen Arborists grew.

It’s a story about loving trees, working hard, and wanting to make our city, Eugene, a better place for trees and people.

What We Believe In: Caring for Trees and Our Community

Evergreen tree Service eugene oregonAt Evergreen Arborists, we do more than just take care of trees. We want to help trees and people live better together. Here’s what’s important to us:

  • Love for Trees: We see ourselves as friends of the trees. We always find the best ways to look after them so they stay healthy and strong.
  • Helping Our Customers: We really listen to what people need and make sure they’re happy with our work. We like to build good, long friendships with our customers.
  • Being Good to Nature: We always try to work in ways that are good for the planet. This means being careful about not wasting things and using methods that don’t harm nature.
  • Sharing What We Know: We like to teach people about why trees are important and how to look after them. We join in local events and classes to share our tree knowledge.
  • Staying Safe and Doing Good Work: We always work safely and professionally. We want to make sure everyone is safe when we’re taking care of trees.
  • Always Getting Better: We keep learning new things about how to take care of trees better. We use new tools and ideas to make sure we do the best job.

Why Choose Us

Pick us for top-notch tree care that’s fast, friendly, and always gets the job done right

Fastest Work​
Efficiency at its Best - Quick and Reliable Tree Care Services.​
High Skill​
Expertise in Every Cut - Skilled Arborists for Superior Tree Health.​
Clean Work​
Leaving No Trace Behind - Spotless and Respectful Tree Service.​
Proper Take Care​
Comprehensive Care for Every Tree - Nurturing Your Green Assets with Precision.​


Real Customers, Real Results: Your Neighbors Trust Evergreen Tree Service!

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Robert Berger
Robert Berger
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Outstanding job by Evergreen in trimming our oak trees. The team was knowledgeable and respectful, leaving our trees looking beautiful and healthy. Excellent service, highly recommended for tree service.
Carmen Haas
Carmen Haas
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Evergreen's stump grinding service was efficient and thorough, leaving our yard neat and tidy. The team was professional and the service was reasonably priced. Highly recommend them for stump grinding.
Nadine Berger
Nadine Berger
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Evergreen Tree Service expertly removed a large tree from my yard. They were punctual, professional, and left the area spotless. Their attention to safety was impressive. Highly recommend for any tree removal tasks!

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Tree Care FAQs - Your Questions Answered

Our arborists can assess your tree’s health and recommend the right care, from pruning to disease treatment.

We offer tree preparation tips to ensure your trees thrive during Eugene’s wet seasons.

Yes, we offer specialized care for fruit trees, including pruning and pest control, to maximize your harvest.

Absolutely! We provide firewood from sustainably removed trees, perfect for keeping warm in Eugene’s winters.

We can plant trees suitable for Eugene’s climate, helping you choose the right species for your property.

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